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Electricity Hookup

With every tiny house that comes out of the Homestead Tiny House facility, great care has been taken that all systems are working properly. One of those systems and probably the most important, is the electrical system.

The Receptacle

(included in your purchase)

The majority of our tiny houses come with an RV style 50-AMP twist locking, recessed male receptacle. It consists of 2 hot terminals, 1 common terminal and a ground. The ground connector is located on the inner wall of the outlet, so when the twist action occurs, the ground on the male connection is mated up with its counterpart on the 50-AMP female plug. Typically with a twist locking connector, there is a ring on the plug that screws into the receptacle that locks the plug into place.

The Cord

(not included in your purchase)

Cords can come in a variety of lengths and end connections. We highly recommend one with 90 degree transitions, mainly because it will reduce the amount of weight and stress on the connections.

Electric Service Pole

(not included in your purchase)

The access point where you get your power to electrify your tiny house is called the electric pole. This is the location where the electrical wire from your utility company terminates to a location that you can plug your house into. Typically, this will have a circuit breaker that is suitable to run your tiny house, usually 50 amps. It may also have other receptacles such as a 115v GFCI outlet.


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