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Think Outside the Tiny Home Box

Tiny homes are for off-grid life, young people, and creative DIYers, right? Not so much these days. They are so much more than just an alternative living option for those who want to limit their worldly possessions. The possibilities are endless, but we have seen and built some interesting spaces.

In the next few posts, we’ll explore each one of these in more detail and give specific, real-world scenarios, crunch some numbers and show you some that we've built.

We hope you think big in this tiny world!


The world has thrown some curveballs at all of us in the past few years, and it’s more apparent than ever that we could all use a little time to ourselves. Whether you aim for a calm, quiet space or need to cultivate a perfect Friday night hang-out, she-sheds are a versatile space. Check out the Longmont skid-based tiny house. It would be so easy to make this model into a unique she-shed to make anyone happy!

Home Office

Remote work, am I right? It’s here to stay. Seemingly everyone and their brother has set up a makeshift desk at home, but if remote work is here to stay, wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up, get ready, and “commute” to a space with all the normal office accoutrements? You could work nine to five and then close up shop to return home “like the good old days?” No more weird corners in your home that make work feel inescapable each time you pass them by.

Mother-in-law Suite

As our population ages, nursing homes shouldn’t be the only option anymore for our seniors. Homestead Tiny House Co. has built our fair share of homes for Moms. With a tiny house they can be close by but still maintain independence and privacy. You can keep her close, have plenty of family time, share meals, but Mom can go to her separate space to have quiet time without the everyday shuffle of grandkids, careers or upkeep of a large house. Since homes can even come with a stove or washer/dryer combo, Mom can be as independent as she wants to be in her unique space.

Guest House

Like the mother-in-law suite, having an option for frequent guests where they can maintain their privacy is a great way to utilize tiny houses. Think about the cousin with 4 kids on a different sleep schedule or even teen sleepovers! Tiny houses on wheels with lofts like our Aspen or Durango models, especially offer a lot of flexibility for different sleeping options for varied guests.


Think side hustle meets real-world presence. Maybe your craft is small-scale, maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you have only a small plot of land to make something work in. Whatever the situation, a tiny house is flexible enough to be converted into a retail space. Not only have we built some really cool units for Homestead Park in Williston, Florida, but we’ve also created a unique storefront for a jewelry retailer in Nashville, TN.

Short-Term Rental

As the popularity of alternative housing grows, so does alternative vacationing! More and more municipalities are allowing short term rental properties with the growing popularity of sites such as AirBNB or VRBO. This allows vacationers to explore different areas of the country that aren't main-stream destinations with a hotel presence. Think about exploring a very undeveloped area full of lush greenery or on the lakefront -- with a tiny house, the experience can focus on the surrounding environment. With unique properties (and a cool tiny house), rentals become more unique and thus profitable. To see our post about The Math Behind Short-Term Renting Your Tiny Home, click here »


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