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Big Impact with Tiny House Colors

Color affects almost every aspect of our lives– from the posts we scroll through to the clothes that we wear. Tiny houses are no exception, so let’s take some time to look at how color makes an impact both to the exterior and to the interior.


One of the driving forces in picking an exterior color is personal taste. We all know that the outside color can make or break a house’s appeal. Are you drawn to a white house? Do you like bold colors on a door? All of these questions help you when picking out a color.

Besides personal preferences, exterior colors can help with different functions as well. If you’re wanting a house to fade more into the background, then using white and pale colors like a light gray will help it blend into its environment.

If you’re wanting the house to stand out, then using darker colors like a black or a navy will make it “pop” and be seen.

And if you’re just not sure, a neutral palette on the building is great and so you can “go for it” on the color of the front door. Plus, if you get tired of the bold color, painting a door again is not a huge investment.


At Homestead Tiny House Co., we paint all of our interior walls in Alabaster white. We have found that this color really opens up the space and gives it a larger feel.

Where color makes a true impact in our houses is the combination of the cabinet color and the flooring. Since these two areas touch each other, it’s important to select a combination that goes well together.

What we have found to be helpful is to pick which of the two matters the most to you–the flooring or the cabinet.

If you really like a pale flooring option, then going with a striking color like our green on the cabinet will give life to the space.

However, if you really like a blue cabinet, then using a grey/brown neutral floor really allows the cabinets to be shown off.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that color isn’t just a part of your building. It truly makes it personal–it makes it your home.


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