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Here are a few guides and tips to set up your tiny house...

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Tiny House FAQ

Where can I put my tiny house?

This is a complicated question. Tiny houses can be placed on properties with existing homes as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), on their own land, or in tiny house communities. 


Because land and zoning requirements vary so greatly from city to city and state to state, we can’t always provide an exact location someone can buy land. Looking into your local, applicable zoning laws are going to be the best place to start. Check out this documentary for more information on how to start this conversation.

Living Tiny Legally, Part 1- Innovative Tiny House Zoning

Living Tiny Legally, Part 2 - Groundbreaking Tiny House Building Codes


Communities are popping up across the country. Try a search for “tiny house community” and your city or state to find a community near you.


Are you a custom tiny house builder? 

In short, no, we are not a custom tiny house builder. We keep our pricing, build timeline and availability competitive because we have standard models with available upgrades and options for customers to choose from. 


There are variations on most of our models, and we have various upgrade options. For example: our base models do not come with a cooking surface, but customers have the option to add an electric cooktop, an LP cooktop, or an LP stove/oven combo. While we don’t consider this “custom,” it provides choices since each customer has a different idea of how they want to live tiny or what the purpose of the house is. Customers also can choose their exterior and cabinet colors as well as cabinet hardware and kitchen lighting options.


We offer tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) in three different models (Aspen, Montrose and Durango) as well as 2 different skid-based (timber beam) models (Longmont and The HomeShed). 


What size is a tiny house?

Tiny houses are under 400 square feet. All of Homestead Tiny House Co. homes are under 400 sq. ft. including lofts. 


What’s the difference between a tiny house and an RV or mobile home?

The biggest difference is materials and craftsmanship. Homestead Tiny House Co. homes, whether on trailers or skids, are wood-framed structures. Our framing consists of 2x4s with 16” on center construction. We also use closed-cell spray foam for insulation, metal roofing, and our interior walls are finished out with wood tongue and groove. Each of our builds is NOAH certified, which means each house is inspected to ANSI standards. We are proud to be NOAH certified builders, evolving as housing specifications evolve. 


Do you offer financing?

Homestead Tiny House Co. does not finance directly. We work with Liberty Bank and Hearth to offer financing to our customers. Liberty Bank offers collateral loans with terms up to 23 years. Hearth loans are typically personal loans with varying loan lengths.


How long does it take to build a tiny house?

Currently, build times are 2 to 3 months for build-to-order houses. We also offer completed spec built homes that are complete and ready to go. Listings for current inventory can be found here. Contact us for more information about buying your house today!

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