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Layout: efficiency, flow and focal point

With any home, one of the key features that makes it feel truly livable is its layout. From where the sleeping loft ends to where the living area begins, at Homestead Tiny House Co., we work through every detail so that it is not only a house–it’s your home.


While this word may not be the coziest one to start off with, the fact of the matter is that we are working with a small footprint and every square inch matters. We want to be confident that we maximize the potential of all of our spaces.

  • Because many of our homes are built on a trailer, we work to cover wheel wells with cabinetry or stairs.

  • Storage is built into the stairs going up to the main loft.

  • In our Longmont, we’re even able to put in a small sink in the bathroom.

  • Our goal is to suggest how the space is to be used, not dictate it. One person's bedroom can be another's office space. Or a storage loft could be used as a livings area.


No matter what style you enjoy, the space won't feel comfortable if the space doesn't flow. Even though most of our rooms are open to each other, we give them a feeling of being their own spaces.

  • The stairs and the slat wall separating the sleeping loft from the main area really make it feel like its own getaway.

  • The bathrooms have generous proportions so as not to feel cramped in any way.

  • The living areas are near the action of the kitchen, but tucked away so as to give you a place to relax.

Focal Point

What makes a space feel special is drawing the eye through color and architecture.

  • Using a natural ceiling with a white wall causes your eye to look up and notice how tall the room is.

  • Using a rich color on the kitchen cabinetry gives contrast to the white walls and warms the space.

  • Adding windows to the living area makes the room feel light and airy.

When we walk into a home, we almost instantly know if we are comfortable in the space. The layout has so much to do with that feeling.


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