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Water / Wastewater

Water is an important element for survival and plumbing has made providing water much more convenient. Plumbing originated during ancient civilizations such as the Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian and Chinese cities as they developed ways to irrigate their crops and provide public baths, wastewater removal and portable water.

So needless to say, water is pretty important. We take every bit of care to ensure our water and wastewater systems are safe and efficient. Along with our focused attention to detail, our water systems are inspected by NOAH on each tiny house produce. Read more about NOAH here »

When you receive your tiny house, it will be plumbed and ready to hookup with a couple of exceptions.

Fresh Water

We prepare a tiny house with an outdoor rated faucet that excepts a regular garden hose connection. We recommend using a potable water safe hose. These are typically white or blue and can be purchased at your local hardware store or camping outfitter.

We highly recommend using a pressure regulator to keep the pressure between 40-50psi. Install the regulator on the water source side of the hose.

Water filtration systems can be easily installed by an experienced DIY'er or plumber.

Buy this regulator on Amazon »


There is a lot to be learned regarding wastewater. There are 2 types:

  • Gray water is all of the wastewater that drains from your shower and kitchen and bathroom sinks. Gray water has some bacteria but it can be filtered and reused in gardens or lawns, if done properly.

  • Black water contains human waste and is unsafe. It must be stored in its own tank and disposed of very carefully.

Wastewater Hookups

We prepare a tiny house with a single 3" PVC waster water outlet that can be outfitted for several methods of disposal.

3" Bayonet x 3" Hub

Campground / Tiny House Village

If you have a tiny house that has a typical campground sewer or septic system, a bayonet coupler can easily be installed by the customer so a 3" flexible hose can be hooked in. Buy this coupler on Amazon »

County/City Sewer or Septic

If your situation is within the city or county limits, most of the time you can have a plumber connect to that system. In this case, you can hard-pipe directly into the sewer or septic system.

PLEASE NOTE: Other fittings and hoses may be required. We do not offer anything past the 3" PVC outlet from the tiny house.


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