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NOAH Certified

  • NFPA 1192 - National Fire Protection Association

  • NFPA 70 (NEC) - National Electrical Code

  • IRC - (International residential code) With Appendix Q for tiny houses

  • ANSI 119.5 - American National Standards Institute

Inspections are performed at all critical stages of construction for compliance to The ANSI+ Standard. NOAH inspectors are Certified Professional Inspectors, utilizing InterNACHI CPI’s, Engineers, General Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians & Building Inspectors.

Inspections are performed by individuals, in-person or remotely, using an expert mobile application which can be hosted anywhere in the world. Recording of live stream video & audio allow the inspector to guide the builder through each inspection stage. Inspectors can also take snapshots/photos during video & make annotations to thoroughly document specific details.

NOAH maintains all inspection records for each NOAH Certified Structure using AES-256 encryption of data stored in world class secure facilities that meet PCI, HIPAA, Military and other regulatory requirements. Records are stored and retrievable by identifiers:

  • VIN - Vehicle Identification Number/or Other Identifier

  • NOAH Certification Seal Number

  • Builder Name

As stated above, each build gets inspected 5 separate times during the build.

Stage 1 Inspection - Trailer frame

  • VIN permanently attached

  • Dimension of frame and tongue metal

  • Cross-member spacing

  • Total trailer weight rating or axle weight rating

  • Number of axles, lug pattern, brakes, coupler size

  • Length and width of frame

House length & required trailer capacities:


18' » 7,000 - 9,000 lbs

24' » 9,000 - 12,000 lbs

32' » 12,000 - 16,000 lbs

If your trailer doesn't have a total weight rating tag on it or a weight rating tag on the axles, here's a guideline to assist you:

Typical Axle Diameters Based on Axle Capacity

3,500-lb axle: 2 3/8-inch diameter

6,000-lb - 7,200-lb axle: 3-inch diameter

8,000-lb axle: 3-1/2-inch diameter

9,000-lb axles: 4-inch diameter

10,000-lb or more axles: 5-inch diameter

Stage 2 Inspection - Framing

Frame up with trailer mounts, all hold down straps and headers

Sheathing - Proper size & nail/screw pattern for rack bracing

Framing - proper headers supported by jacks and proper stud spacing.

Anchors - house frame to trailer frame, no more than 10ft apart.

  • 1/2" bolts

  • 1/2" thread rod

  • flat hold down straps

Note: Prior to installing siding, an inspection of the house wrap (if used) is required. Prior to installing roof covering, an inspection of the underlayment is required. These inspections can be done separately or in conjunction with a Stage 3 or 4 inspection.

Stage 3 Inspection - Rough-In

  • Rough plumbing

    • Pressure test (100psi)

    • Hanger straps every 3ft., and proper sizes

    • Drain lines should have 1/4" drop per 12"

    • Water heater needs overflow pipe to outside

  • Rough electrical

    • Proper stapling of wire to studs/nailer plates

    • Placement of panel (not in bathroom)

    • Externally run wires in conduit or UF

    • Proper gauge wire for service supply

    • See Article 551 NEC

Stage 4 - Insulation

  • Insulation - Vapor barrier and insulation depth

  • Windows and seal tape around windows

  • Exterior door(s) - proper door(s) with weather stripping

  • Minimums R-13 walls; R-19 ceiling; and R-13 floors

  • Closed cell Spray foam or ventilation in ceiling / rafters

Stage 5 - Final complete product

  • The title or certificate of origin for trailer

  • Roof ridge caps, drip edge, rakes, screw pattern, flashing

  • Siding - proper trim and seal


  • Check panel for proper breakers, gauge and loads

  • Check for GFCI outlets near sinks and shower

  • Check for external wire in conduit wire mold


  • Toilet, shower, refrigerator, cooking unit and sink

  • Heating and cooling source

  • Windows must be tempered glass, covered with safety film, or have shutters or means of covering for travel (which can simply be 1/4" plywood, or plastic panels)

  • Smoke detectors

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Gas and CO detectors

  • Window protection


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